Sarah Shaw has always had a great sense of fashion and trends. Born in New York and raised in the Bay Area, her personal style combines Upper East Side classic with Northern California eclectic. Perhaps it came naturally, as in the 1950s, both her grandmothers were prominent figures on New York’s famed Seventh Avenue.

Sarah honed her design skills while working as a costumer in the entertainment industry. During that time, she also launched a successful, made-to-order costume company, Raggs to Order, which made custom clothing for huge movies including "Out of Sight" “Windtalkers”, “Matrix 2 & 3”, and "Ocean’s 11".

Ever entrepreneurial, Sarah had long wanted to design handbags. So one day, she created an adorable pinked felt bag, and wore it everywhere she went. Soon, people were clamoring for them. Quickly, the demand from clients and stores was so great that Sarah left costuming and started Sarah Shaw Handbags, which rapidly grew, soon selling to over 600 stores nationwide.

After years of success designing the Sarah Shaw brand, a purely-handbag business began to feel a little limiting. Sarah realized that she was overflowing with ideas for house, home and lifestyle - it was time to launch a new brand and a new store. And so her newest venture, Simply Sarah was born. Committed to providing beautiful and practical products to make your home comfortable, welcoming and delightful, Sarah now designs her own fabrics so her products are always fresh and unique. Sarah hopes to keep introducing new products and inspirations that will make Simply Sarah a place that you’ll visit again and again.